Saturday, November 3, 2007

I think I've got it...

Ok...  I just thought of something...

What if the Capitol Building is cursed?

It would certainly explain why Republicans who used to be nice and good people go corrupt and why Democrats who are strong out of the gate tend to be pussies once they get in office.

The only other possibility is if there's something in the water, but then that would affect the rest of the town...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


After HOW FUCKING LONG everything is as it should be, Tech-wise anyway...

On to more important things, the Proposed draft...  IF it comes, and I'm drafted, I will take that card to the station, burn it in front of them and shout "CUFF ME BITCH!  I REFUSE TO FIGHT FOR IN THIS WAR!"

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I just spent about 48 hrs dealing with a new external. I had to reformat it in order to save some of my files. The problem was that I had ALREADY PLACED SOME FILES ON IT!!!  now it's 2:00 AM and I CAN'T SLEEP

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I can't believe I'm defending this ASSFUCK...

Ok, I absolutely HATE this fuckwad of a president, but I'm actually going to defend him.  This will be the last time most likely. 


To continue....


George Bush may be a retarded asswipe who sent us to war on false pretences, but DON'T FUCKING SLANDER HIM!!!


Today, Headlines all over the country ran something similiar to this:



Quoted from

Commuting Libby's Sentence 'Fair,' Bush Says -

President Bush acknowledged for the first time yesterday that "somebody" in his administration leaked the name of an undercover intelligence officer but declined to say whether he was disappointed in such an action and contended that it is time to move on.



What you read later is that he used the words:

"I'm aware of the fact that perhaps somebody in the administration did disclose the name of that person, and I've often thought about what would have happened had that person come forth and said, 'I did it.' Would we have had this, you know, endless hours of investigation and a lot of money being spent on this matter?"

  You don't find this out untill most of the way through the story.  If you're like most Americans, you just read headlines, maybe the first two paragraphs if the story catches your eye, on the way to the funnies.  I guarantee that most of you are gonna know at least one person who goes:  "Did'ya hear?  Bush admitted that someone in his administration leaked Plame!" 



No he didn't.




As soon as the FUCKER says that, point him to what he actually fucking said.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


If you guys are reading this, then everything works properly


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