Monday, November 25, 2013

Rape, Abortion, Murder, and Other General Nasty Ambiguities: Addendum

I suppose I should, for the benefit of the morons who will eventually find my previous post and scream about how abortion is murder, expand on how it isn't (and here is where I wish I could use Comic Sans):

Rape, Abortion, Murder, and Other General Nasty Ambiguities...

So, I'm bored, and browsing Opposing Views and I come across this not so heartwarming story:

First-Time Mom Katiya Rowe Rejects Abortion After Seeing 3D Ultrasound Of Disabled Fetus

Now some of you may see this as an "awww, how good of them to give that baby life".  I disagree.  More, obviously, after the jump.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes, even I have to look on the bright side of things.

OK, I admit it.  Usually this is a pretty nasty ranty blog, whenever I get the gumption to actually post something here.  But then I saw this:

Students Unite To Stand Up For 6-Year-Old Danny Keefe, Who Was Being Picked On For Speech Difficulties

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Anita Sarkeesian (spelling?), jordanowen, and The Concept of "Enjoyment"

OK, so I was just reminded of Anita's "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" and jordanowen's responses to it: specifically his response to the most recent additon, "Ms. Male Character".  Normally, I am with jordanowen in saying that Anita has effectively failed to prove her point, however, in this case I am on Anita's side.  This, however, is not quite what this post is about:

Wooooow...I'd've thought that it wouldn't be so bad HERE...

So...a good bit of you who follow me MAAAAY have noticed that I shared things on google+...and by that I mean that I apparantly shared EVERYTHING on Google+...


Sorry about that...I just switched over to the Google+ comment style in order to try and cut down on the UNGODLY amount of spam I found when I FINALLY got something to post again.  Turns out doing that forced me to share EVERY SINGLE POST EVAR.  What the hell, Google...  I mean, I understand the bugs in YouTube, but HERE?

OH how LOOOONG it's been.

So, those of you who "follow" (why the hell would you do that anyway: I never post anything) have seen me make fun of Eugene Douchebaggio of "Public Advocate" before.  Welp, I FINALLY get a new one.  This one's too fun NOT to share.  Hell, I may do a bad YouTube video on this one.  As always, the bad formatting is his: