Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An open letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton

Ms. Clinton;

                  I am a concerned Democrat.  I am concerned that you are hurting our chances of winning in the upcoming presidential elections.  Your tactics have hurt both your reputation, and that of the party.  It is very clear to many that you have virtually no hope of winning the nomination, and that your attempt to continue is harming the eventual nominee’s chances of securing a majority of moderate and swing votes in the upcoming race.  I URGE you, Ms. Clinton, to drop out.  Not only for our party, not only for you, but for our country.  While I have great respect for Sen. McCain, his policies, especially regarding the war, are too dangerous.  We cannot risk him getting the moderate vote (of which I am a part of, technically) in November. We must therefore rally all our votes behind the one who, while may not appear fully qualified to lead our country (and to be perfectly honest, who really is fully qualified to run a country? That is what the cabinet is for.), is most likely to win with the policies we can agree with, at least in the important parts.  We cannot risk a split at this point in our country’s  history.

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