Thursday, December 11, 2014

As if I needed more reason to hate the Salvation Army

First, don't get me wrong, the SA does a lot of good.  They also do a lot of bad, however.  They have highly discriminatory policies that I just cannot stomach.  This recent story is just another example of this.  It's just straight up bullshit.

They wouldn't let a family in on a 14-below night because they had a teenage son.  Nevermind the teenage daughter, she can get in just fine, but that son...oh, no.  He's too old/young/whatever to stay here, so you can't stay here:

"They said he's too old to stay on the women's side, because of the women running around in their pajamas and they said he's too young to stay on the men's side in case some pervert wants to do whatever," [the boy's father] said.

 And yes, this is Salvation Army policy:

Salvation Army Captain Michael Cox says the organization has a longtime policy that prohibits boys ages 12 to 16 from staying at the shelter. According to Cox, the policy is in place for safety reasons; ultimately to protect children.

No, really, here it is on their website.  Or rather, I WOULD point to their policies on their website if they actually published them.  No, really, you can't check their housing policies on their website.  Or their hiring policies.  Their website is little more than a damned advertisement for their charity.  Even Planned Parenthood has their policies on their website.    So what happens is that you go to the Salvation Army thinking you'll get support, but you may not, because your son is too old.

Also, note that this policy doesn't affect your daughters for some reason, as if those perverts mentioned earlier would rape your son but not your daughter...  What the blue bloody bumfuck is wrong with you?

What makes this even WORSE is that they had a white flag out, which according to the article means they'd accept EVERYONE due to the bad weather:

Lejeune says it was so cold one night earlier this month he took his family to the Salvation Army. Noticing the organization's white flag blowing in the cold air, generally a symbol that all are welcome due to hazardous weather conditions, he says he expected the organization to welcome them with open arms.

So not only do you have a bullshit policy that you don't mention, you'll violate your advertised lifting of your unadvertised policy on a night where it's very possible to freeze to death.  Fuck you, you red kettle shitsacks.  I used to just ignore the red kettles, and I would donate sometimes as a kid, but now I think I'll actively boycott your kettles and maybe even convince others not to donate, too.

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