Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seriously? They have a problem with this???

So, a while back I participated in a pharyngulation of a poll a while back.  Stupid me, I gave them my actual e-mail address, so now I get shit like this from some douchebag named Eugene Delgado and his "Public Advocate" Bullshit:

I know I have brought numerous homosexual threats to your attention lately, but this could be the worst one of all.

You and I are really scaring the Homosexual Lobby, so they are escalating their efforts even further.
No, I'm actually 100% against you.  I really fucking hate you, and have tried to tell you this.  You seem to have a problem with talking TO people instead of AT them.  So I'm going to take advantage of this opprotunity to absolutely pour on the hurt.

As you know, one of their biggest threats is the Homosexual Classrooms Act (H.R.998) -- and Public Advocate has been spreading the word about this despicable legislation all over the country.
This act, H.R.998, is actually titled "Student Non-Discrimination act, and is available for a nice read at .  I suggest you go do so now, even if it is a bit dry for non-legal nerds.  It's a scant 13 pages that remedies that LGBT students can't currently seek justice for discrimination with the same ease that jews, christians, hispanics, etc. can.  The only thing that I can think of that these morons would object to is that it "restricts their religious freedom".  My initial answer would be "the right for me to swing my arms ends at your nose", but the bill takes care of that in Sec.9(b), which states:

FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION LAWS AND RELIGIOUS STUDENT GROUPS.—Nothing in this Act shall be construed to alter legal standards regarding, or affect the rights available to individuals or groups under, other Federal laws that establish protections for freedom of speech and expression, such as legal standards and rights available to religious and other student groups under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and the Equal Access Act.

So I really can't see why the hell they're complaining.
Of course, that's not ALL this fucking loony is complaining about:

And their latest tactic might just be enough: Massive numbers.

They have brought together almost every organization in the Radical Homosexual Lobby and group sympathetic to their agenda -- 70 groups in total -- in order to show Obama an united radical front.

And leading this offensive?  The Human Rights Campaign.

That emphasis is theirs.  Not mine.  Now why do they have to bold that one?

That’s right, the very same group who has repeatedly and publically attacked Public Advocate’s fight against the Homosexual Classrooms Act.

Oh.  That's why: they try to live up to their name.  And would you stop calling it the "Homosexual Classrooms Act"?  It's not trying to get Queer Eye to decorate the building or design the uniforms., or Liberace to teach the music class. The only new thing is that your "precious snowflake" won't be able to pick on that one guy that crosses his legs funny anymore.

I was going to spare you all the rest of his bullshit (it goes on for two pages, mostly him screaming "HOMOSEXUAL CLASSROOMS ACT" and "FARTBONGO BAD"), but I found this little turdblossom in there:

They still need to destroy real marriage, create a superior-class of sexual deviants, and indoctrinate our children in school!
This is what he actually fucking said.  I did not edit this bullshit at all, other than the cuntpaste.

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