Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh he's back again...

So Eugene Deldouch...I'm sorry, Delgaudio, is back.  And he's going off on that "gay bill of special rights", which is actually called ENDA, again.  That we've already covered here.  Incoming stupid folks:

The Gay Bill of Special Rights has cleared the U.S. Senate and could be brought up for a vote in the House by Speaker John Boehner at any moment.

No, it isn't.  Mostly because Boehner will never, because of fucks like you, let this even touch the floor, much less come up for a vote.

 Without your IMMEDIATE action, I’m afraid this dangerous legislation will reach Barack Obama’s desk for his guaranteed signature.

That’s why it’s vital you sign your petition to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and your U.S. Representative IMMEDIATELY.

 If I do take any action, it'll be to tell them to pass this damn bill.  People need to not be fired for being gay.  It's as much of a choice as being bald is to an old fuck like you.

I'll give you the link below, but first I'd like to tell you why the Gay Bill of Special Rights is so dangerous.

As you know, the Gay Bill of Special Rights has been the cornerstone of the Homosexual Agenda since the 1980's.

Called the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” to disguise its purpose, it would really create a federally-enforced, special employment status for homosexuals and transsexuals.

 As we've already covered above, no.  It just gives them the same protection that black people have in that they can't be fired for that one thing that makes them different.  There's nothing "special" about these rights:  This law would also make it so that you can't be fired for being straight..  Granted, that isn't really a problem, but people get fired for being gay all the time, and that is a problem.  You'd know this if you had the damn thing.

Businesses, daycare centers and even churches would be required to hire and maintain quotas of radical homosexual employees.

They would be practically forbidden to ever fire or even refuse to hire any sexual deviant.

And if they don’t comply, they would be risking a federal lawsuit -- maybe even jail time. 

 Again, that is not what the law says.  Click that link up above and search for the word "emphasis", and you'll find the text of the law that disproves this idiocy.  You're either a liar or illiterate, Ed.  Pick one.  Or both; there's nothing saying you can't be an illiterate liar.

Public Advocate is on the front lines in the fight against the Gay Bill of Special Rights, and we threw everything we had at this dangerous bill in the Senate.

No, you aren't, and no you haven't.  I've already, in my last dealing with you, shown that you are naught but a huckster, and are not actually using the money to do any lobbying. [EDIT:  That blog post has since gone missing.  Will find links again. For now, have Ed Brayton's summation.]

 But to defeat the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the U.S. House, I must be able to count on your most generous financial support.

More about that in just a moment, but first let me tell you a little more about our Senate fight.

In the Senate, you and I made sure that several waffling Republican Senators held to the pro-Family values they espouse.

And we exposed the traitorous votes of a half-dozen supposedly pro-Family Senators to hundreds of thousands of their constituents.

Thanks to your support, we were able to stall the vote for months as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sought a filibuster-proof 60 supporters.

That you are proud about fighting to deny gay people the right to not be fired for being gay is highly disturbing.

Sadly, the Republican leadership in the Senate remained completely silent on this fight -- even though more than 30 Senators showed up to vote against the Gay Bill of Special Rights (S. 815).

 Dude, that is two-thirds of the Republican senators.  Not enough to filibuster, true, but far better than is decent.  Be glad that you even have THAT much clout.

I’m convinced that were it not for Public Advocate’s national effort, there would have been virtually no opposition at all.

 You are forgetting FAR more prominent groups like AFA, NOM, FOF, IFI, and a whole BUNCH of other anti-gay groups that have far more money and exposure than you do.  In truth, you probably only got one of those thirty to vote differently, if that many.

Let's see...more begging, more about how it could be brought at any moment...a "sign and donate here" link and banner...and repeat two more times, including in the postscript, using almost the exact same words...

Man are you slipping...

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