Thursday, August 7, 2014

Impeachment? For THAT??

Oh, hey, lookie:  the Tea Party Douchebags have a new Impeach Obama site, and decided to make an impeach Obama week.  No, really, it's them.  They're using it to help schedule protests.  This is odd enough, but they even have a "list of impeachable offenses" that they think make him worthy of a criminal trial.  Seriously, they think that the things on this list constitute "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors"

Let's go over this one by one, shall we?

  Governing by dictatorial fiat with lawless executive orders targeting Amnesty, Obamacare, gun regulation, etc.

Seriously, this?  NOTHING he's done is outside the scope of his power.  He has followed the law entirely here.

Waging illegal wars without the constitutionally-required approval from Congress

  Nope.  Obama has started no wars.  Most he's done is supportive drone strikes.  He doesn't need congress' approval for that, else I'm pretty sure he'd've been impeached already for that.

Assassination of three American citizens without due process via drone bombings
Can you say "Citation needed"?  Because I don't remember hearing about this outside of Whirl'd Nut Dookie and

Bald-faced lying to the American people about the Benghazi attack, Obamacare, etc.
First, where were you for Bush?  Second, he didn't lie.  For Benghazi, that's what intel suggested at the time.  For Obamacare, he didn't expect your health insurance providers to be dicks.  Third, lying isn't a "high crime[ or] misdemeanor[]", so it's not impeachable in and of itself.

Supporting Al Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorists in Syria and elsewhere
First, at the time we didn't know the links, and second, this, again, is not impeachable, as it is not treason.  Otherwise talking with China would have been considered treason.

Encouraging massive numbers of illegal aliens to enter the US for his own political reasons
He's not doing this.

Bizarre and erratic behavior, which implies psychological pathology

Forgery of his identification documents to make it appear that he is eligible for office

Wait, you guys are STILL on that?  Wow...

Overall radical and subversive anti-American background, which is confirmed by his actions in office

Again, not impeachable.

Constitutional ineligibility for the office that he holds

How is he ineligible?  Seriously.  He's a U.S. citizen of 35 years or older, and he was born in Hawaii, which is a member state.  Those are the qualifications:  you have to be a citizen, you have to have been born in a member state, and you have to be older than 34.  Which of these do you believe he does not meet?  Oh, wait, you're birfers...Yeah, look at him eating crackers like he owns the place.

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