Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Strange Thought for you next Whenever 1

This may or may not become a semi-regular thing here, but here's a strange thought for you:  I can prove that you are more powerful than God is supposed to be.

Wait, what?

Exactly.  Now hold on a minute.

God can create collections of mass that we call "rocks", yes?  Commonly, when asked that if god can create  a collection of matter (called "a rock" in the scenario) so heavy he can't lift it, the answer is usually "No, that's logically impossible."

Now, I will grant that I cannot create a rock, but is that your final answer?  That god cannot create a collection of matter that he himself cannot lift?  That such a task is logically impossible.

Because if that is your final answer, not only am I more powerful than your god, I am also apparently able to defy logic.  Because I (and you) can create collections of matter so heavy that I (and you) cannot lift it.

First, we have to agree that, while we cannot create "ex nihilo", we can create things by adding or subtracting other things to or from them, like subtracting wood from wood to make a carving, or adding sugar and flavorings to create a soda.  If we can't agree that we can "create" in this fashion, you're going to have to explain computers.

Go to your nearest...place you can get lots and lots of rocks.  And bring a very large bag.  A black yard-work garbage back should, but may not, suffice.  Now, go put rocks in that bag.  A LOT of rocks.  Fill the bag up.  Tie a second one to it if you have to or a third. Don't forget to make a handle for them.  Eventually, you will have brought into existence a collection of matter such that you, without outside assistance, cannot lift, not because of its size, but simply because it is too heavy for you.  And yet, you say that your god can't do this; that this procedure is logically impossible.

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