Friday, December 6, 2013

Pamela Geller is a Shitstain of a Bitch

So, for those of you who don't know who the not-so-esteemed Pamela Geller is, here's a picture:

I'll be honest and tell you that this is the most flattering picture I could find.  She really does look like that.  Her looks are unimportant to this conversation however.

What is important is that she's Jewish.

"DERP WHY THE FUCK IS THAT IMPORTANT?"  I hear the stupid among you ask, and I say "I'll get to that, but you need some backstory first".

OK, so in Burma, there's this small minority of muslims called the Rohingya.   These people are , by the estimate of Human Rights Watch, United to End Genocide, The U.S. Campaign for Burma - hell, even the goddamned HERITAGE FOUNDATION (who I have absolutely no love for, so the fact that I'm linking you to them should tell you right now that something's up) - undergoing some issues.  I'm not talking "the neighbors won't return the leaf blower" here.  We're talking ethnic cleansing.



Do you know what "ethnic cleansing" is?  No, dumbass, I'm not talking scrubbing the streets in Little Italy.  I'm talking the kinda shit that the KKK used to do in the 60s (and what they wish they could do today [at least more openly, as I'm willing to bet that some members still do]), but on a much larger scale.  Think less KKK and more...this guy:

You recognize him?  You should, because he's why it's important that Pamela Gellar is Jewish.

"DURR WHAT DOES HIT...wait..." ...You starting to get it yet?  Then allow me to continue:

Hitler (obviously one hell of a shitstain on world history), who orchestrated what is probably the most famous incident of ethnic cleansing in history: the Holocaust.  As you SHOULD know, the Jews were the primary victims (though not the exclusive victims) of the Holocaust.  Now, why is that relevant to the Rohingya?  Well, in case you're too stupid to put 2 and 3 together (or read links), the Rohingya are being killed off by the buddhist population of Burma:  they're the victims of an ethnic cleansing. So Pamela Geller a shitstain, and why is her being a Jew important?

Because she is defending the ones committing the genocide. (I refuse to link to her blog post:  not only is she a rampant islamophobe, but from what I've seen she almost exclusively cites herself rather than outside sources.  Should you want to look at her idiocy, click the words "blog post" in the second paragraph off the linked article)

I repeat:

SHE IS DEFENDING THE ONES COMMITTING THE GENOCIDE(once again, you can reach her post from the word "telling" in the linked article's first paragraph)

Let that sink in.

A Jew is advocating the genocide of a minority population.  I challenge you to find a more ironic statement that has just as much horror behind it.  Does she not remember how we suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime?  Has she, despite our call of לעולם לא ישכח, לא יסלח, לעולם לא עוד (never forget, never forgive, never again), forgotten?  Or has she simply let her hatred blind her, becoming just like the Nazi rank and file?

In the end, her reason does not matter:  she is advocating the destruction of a people.  Even worse, she does it because she does not like their religion.  Like I said, Pamela Geller is a shitstain of a bitch, and I have no qualms about calling her either of those.

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