Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ken Ham is a Twit.

Of course, most of you should know this.  But now he's complaining about the fact that atheists now have a TV channel.  Seriously.  He, a very prominent member of a religion that has numerous tv channels.  He is complaining that atheists even get one.  Let's get into his little whinefest, shall we?

Atheists are increasingly becoming more active and intentional in preaching their religion of godlessness. I’ve always found it fascinating how they think their purpose is to impose their message that there is no purpose onto people!

No.  You do not get to tell other people what they believe.  Smack yourself on the ass with a canoe paddle for me for that, would ya Kennyboy?

 Their newest preaching endeavor is an atheist-only TV channel launching today—as if we didn’t have enough atheistic TV programming already.

We don't.  This is the first.  Oh, there's plenty of "not explicitly christian" programming, but "not explicitly christian" does NOT mean "atheist".  If you want to get technical, these currently existing programs are truly "secular": serve all sides -theist and atheist - equally.  Much like a government SHOULD do.  But that's a topic for another time:  we're discussing your "waaaaah! Atheists have a new venue now! waaaaaaaah!" idiocy.

Well, this new TV channel highlights the growing intolerance towards Christianity in particular—and other religions, with the exception of their own.

Nope.  Atheism is not a religion. And I'mma call bullshit on that "intolerance" thing.  The only thing we're "intolerant" of is your attempts to force everyone else to follow your code of so-called "morals".  This includes, but is not limited to, your recent tirade against space funding because you think any aliens we find are going to hell anyway.  And no, saying that you want the money to go to making more of your creation "museums" instead does not make it better - it actually makes it worse, because congratulations: you now look like a self-centered, self-serving ass.

he new channel brags of having “superstition-free programming,” which implies that religion is just silly superstition but atheism is rational and logical. However, laws of logic and rationality only  makes sense if God, who is logical, created them and made us in His image so that we can understand them!

No.  You do not get to presuppose your god and claim "logic exists, therefore god".  You do not get to claim that a being who says to sacrifice a bird to cure leprosy is logical.   You do not get to claim that a being who punishes someone because they were lied to, while letting the liar off scot-free - especially when he later says not to do so (while at the same time says that eating with shit-covered hands won't make you sick) - is logical.  That is the exact opposite of logical.

Laws of logic shouldn’t exist in a completely random materialistic universe that the atheists believe in—and yet they do!

Says fucking who? And you, like all the rest of your ilk, do not understand the modern theories and hypotheses (they are different things, by the way) on the origin of, well, anything (or how 'randomness' works).  Either that, or you're a charlatan and constantly lying from your place of authority, but that would make you a hypocrite.

It is incredible that atheists spend so much time, effort, and money arguing against Someone that they don’t even believe exists! Where are all their books, websites, and magazines that argue against the mythical Easter Bunny? This is because they do know God exists but they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness

First, get that canoe paddle out again and smack that pasty white ass of yours for me until you can't sit down.

Second, when's the last time someone killed a doctor because they believed the Easter Bunny wanted them toGot their kids killed because they believed that if they prayed to Santa Claus enough, he'd heal themTold two people their relationship was an "abomination" because the Tooth Fairy doesn't like gay people?  Tried to enforce Frosty the Snowman's will through legislation or positions of power?  Until that happens, Kennyboy, Shut. The fuck. UP.

And why do atheists care so much about proclaiming their message? Atheism offers no hope and is ultimately a totally purposeless religion. If you die, that’s all there is, so why do atheists push so hard to preach their message of hopelessness? Why does it matter to them what anyone believes? It’s because they have the knowledge of God stamped on their hearts but are living in rebellion against their Creator

Again, please introduce Mr. Ass to Mr. Paddle.

It's not polite to tell other people what they believe, Kennyboy.  How would you feel if I told you that you believed in a zombieman that told people to drink each others piss?  Wouldn't like it, would ya.  Also, see above response.

Sadly, this new TV channel is not just targeting adults with a hopeless message of godlessness, but they are also trying to indoctrinate children into an atheistic worldview. Isn’t it bad enough that humanistic thinking has lead to over 55 million deaths of aborted children in the U.S. alone, and now the atheistic humanists want to continue their attacks to poison and destroy the minds children who have survived the abortion holocaust. You see, we live in a world that is fiercely battling for the hearts and minds of our kids. And yet, it is a world where those who teach their kids the truth of God’s Word are accused of child abuse!

Considering that your belief system has led to billions of death just from religiously motivated wars documented in your holy books ALONE, not to mention all the children dying from faith healing, and the suicides that directly correlate to your co-religionists disowning their gay children, and the aforementioned doctors they've killed, and the crusades, etc., you and your ilk don't get to say SHIT about deaths caused by other people's faith - or lack thereof as the case may be - whether they can be directly correlated or not, which in this case they can't.

Also, I'm pretty sure that you'd say "Be good or Allah will burn you in hell forever. Goodnight, sweetie." constitutes child abuse.  Guess what?  Replace "Allah" with "Jesus" and you'll MAYBE start to see where the (very rare) accusations of child abuse come from.

You end with a pitch for your "museum" so I won't post that.  I'm more disappointed that this had absolutely no substance behind it, really.  I saw this and expected something with at least a LITTLE more on the actual topic, but instead you just went "durrhurr atheist bad"  You just claim "atheism wants to poison minds" when I can claim the exact same thing, mister "god said it, I believe it, that settles it" when that mentality would mean that leprosy would still actually be a damn problem, rather than the preventable, treatable, curable malady.  Quite frankly, you somehow did worse HERE than you did when Bill Nye curbstomped your ass.  At least there you had some damn substance. 

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