Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MOAR NEWS: Zimmerman's lawyers have dropped his case.

Mostly because they don't know where the flying fuck he is.  I was hoping it was because they know they can't win.  This is a bit disturbing, however, as apparently not even his family knows where he is.  He may be a racist little shit who's token black friend thinks that "goon" can be a term of endearment (you know, just like the word "nigger" can be, but not really. I guess that was his rationale.[there are some lines even I, with my fucking cursing fetish, won't cross]), but nobody deserves to wonder if their family is hurt or not.  Hmm, maybe the next Zimmerman will reflect on that before they shoot the next Trayvon.

Edit:  Damn, blogger does NOT want me self-censoring...odd...

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