Friday, April 20, 2012

A week's worth of Derp from Delgaudio.

I decided to be an idiot.  I decided to not check my e-mail for a week.  When I actually go to check it. I see four things from Eugene Delgaudio.  The first one is about That weird Tennesee law that I talked about earlier.  It seems he has 5 days to get people to support it.  Not even gonna bother cuntpasting here.

The second one is simply titled "Michael you'll never believe this!".  He's talking about this image and story:

He seems to be all bent out of shape about a gay pride flag being flown on a military base.  From what I've read, it wasn't authorized to be flown, but that's not what this fuckwit is upset about:

That’s right, the radical Homosexual Lobby is trying to claim dominance over our troops fighting over seas!

It doesn’t matter to them that the majority of men and women serving in uniform are utterly appalled by the Homosexual Agenda.

This incident is a direct result of the Homosexual Lobby’s skyrocketing influence in military affairs -- starting with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Soldiers are not allowed to speak up against pro-homosexual displays without risking punishment.

And worst of all, while Obama instantly apologized for the accidently burning of Korans, he has not said one word against the despicable flight of the homosexual flag over a military base.

My friend, this is their vision for our future:

One nation, bound in sin, obedient to the Homosexual Agenda.
That last line with the bold (his emphasis, obviously.  Read my disclaimer if you haven't already.)  is really fucking telling.  He is, if you couldn't fucking tell already, a shitdicking theocrat.  I'm also curious what he means by "speak up".  First, you already can't fucking speak up in the military without express permission.  If you mean "hit someone over the head for being gay", you can't do that, either, full fucking stop.  I have a feeling he meant the second one.

The third one is him forwarding an e-mail that he already sent me, which I already covered here.  What I find funny is this line:

And then just two months later Southern Poverty Law Center declared Public Advocate to be a hate-group -- in typical liberal fashion -- just because you and I disagree with them.

No, they declared you a hate group because, among using disparaging terms to refer to a protected class (similar to calling a black guy a nigger), you demonstrably lie.  Go read these earlier posts I did for some examples.

The forth one hits a bit close to home because it targets Maryland.  I live here.  I'll go over it in more detail tomorrow, but suffice to say, he wants money and signatures for a petition for a discriminatory ballot measure for marriage inequality.  And he says something really fucking stupid.  Here's a taste:

"radical legislators"

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