Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Um...Eugene is supporting...something...

I honestly can't tell WHAT he's supporting this time...  I'll post (most of) his entire screed below the jump, and then my analysis and response.  I REALLY can't understand what it is about this, other than it appears anti-gay, that gives him such a raging boner.

The Classroom Protection Act in Tennessee has come up for a vote in committee right now, and I need as many Public Advocate supporters as possible to act.

This bill is a vital step for defeating the California model of Mandatory Homosexual Education and protecting our children in school.

It will give parents the legal right to defend their children from the radical pro-homosexual education of teachers and counselors.

Public Advocate was instrumental in seeing the bill past the Tennessee Senate last year -- and you and I have been fighting for months to get it through their House of Representatives.

We have come so far -- but you and I need to do even more.

So please, call or email Representative Richard Montgomery right now.  He is the Chairman of the Education Committee and has been stalling this bill for months.

Let him know that you absolutely support Campfield’s Classroom Protection Act (SB 49/H.R. 229) and expect him to support it too.

It looks like this is important, right?  Well, I've read both the proposed amendment (SB 49) and the law it is supposed to amend. (It can be verified that this is the current version by browsing this link from LexisNexus)  Go read them now.  They're less than a page each.  In quick summary:

Currently, sex education can currently only be taught to those in their teenage years; in other words, those in high school, with a little bit of information (if it's anything like it is here in Maryland, it'll mostly be about puberty) in middle school.  The curriculum must be approved by the relevant local authorities, and failure to follow the code would be a misdemeanor.  If a student asks a particular question that requires covering material NOT approved by the authorities, the teacher is allowed to answer, however.

If/when, this new law passes, school disctricts will no longer be allowed to approve lesson plans that involve homosexuality, except in the one goddamn place that it's most likely to be taught anyway.  Seriously.  They only want to ban it from middle or elementary schools (wait, what?  Fucking elementary schools?  Is TN so ass-backwards there are little eight-year-olds dicking each other?  Besides, doesn't the current law say that you can't fucking do that already?).  You want to teach this shit in High School?  A-OK by us.
What's even weirder is that, if I'm reading this correctly, they're eliminating the punishment for violating this requirement in the first place.  Now, I am quite probably reading this wrong, but that's what "s amended by adding "the following as new subsection (c) and by relettering the existing subsection (c) accordingly" says to me:  If the old text doesn't match, replace it with this.  If they wanted to keep the misdemeanor punishment, they should have added it back in as a section (d), but that's just how I read it.  Thoughts?

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